Grace P. Fong

artist, writer, narrative designer


illustration | concept art | sketchbook


short fiction | comics

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We Do Not Eat Much Fish” - Uncanny Magazine. September 2023. 5,000 Words

Ylva is cursed. She holds back her terrifying hunger with the words of prayer. But now her husband is gone, and she is trapped on an island with their monstrous son. One day, she encounters a fisherman who forces her to doubt the adage she has always lived by and fight the fear she has always lived under. (content warnings: blood, cannibalism)

She Who Breaks the World ”    - Magic: the Gathering. May 2023, 6,000 Words

Nissa Revane and others come to grips with the losses of war against the Phreyxian invaders. What else has changed in the wake of the Phyrexian invasion of the Multiverse? How has the trauma that changed her also changed her relationship with Chandra Nalaar...who is still a planeswalker when Nissa is not.

The Toll of the Snake”    - Apex Magazine. April 2023, 5,000 Words

American Hollywood rose to cultural prominence in the wake of the Second World War, and Suen Mei-Ko wants to be a star. It will be a tough task for a California daughter of Chinese immigrants, but she is as seductive as she is ambitious. This short retelling blends the Greek myth of Medusa with the Chinese legend of White Snake to create a modern story about media, infatuation, and perception.


Girl Oil” -, Feb 2022. 5,000 Words

Chelle’s friend, Wenqian, has everything Chelle doesn’t. A slim figure, pale skin, and most notably the affection of her longtime friend Preston. Like the ocean waves she calls home, Chelle feels transparent and overflowing all at once. So when she’s given body oil that promises to fix all of her mistakes, she’ll use as much as it takes to reach perfection; no matter how much it hurts.

Second-place winner of Levar Burton Reads x FIYAH 2022 short fiction contest.  Finalist in the Ignyte Awards 2023.


For Want of Milk” - Uncanny Magazine, Nov/Dec 2021. 5,000 Words

Momma always says, “You’re my railroad daughter, Pearl.”
But the townfolk always called me “bastard,” and when I grew curves, they called me “bitch.”

Set in Nebraska in the 1880s, reclusive Pearl and her mother are rachers, but they’re used to being called witches. When two strangers from the East come into town, she discovers what magic she can actually do. (content warnings: miscarriage, animal death)