Grace P. Fong

artist, writer, narrative designer


illustration | concept art | sketchbook


short fiction | comics

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Grace is currently working as a Narrative Designer at Sigularity 6 on Palia, a cozy lifesim MMO being developed in Unreal where she specialzes in worldbuilding and open-world quest design. In addition, she contributes dialog, tools and data structure design, and Unreal engine blueprint scripting.

Prior to this, she wrote the complete screenplay for Sedleo’s upcoming, unnannounced game.

Although her current work is under NDA, here are some samples of narrative work for video games.

    Long Dialog - without choices. Screenplay adaptation of “For Want of Milk,” short fiction.
    Short Dialog - with branching choices that affect gameplay. Science-fiction resource management game.
    Quest Design - example quest chain with flavor dialog that does not affect gameplay. Set in the world of Genshin Impact. Not official.